GWT override css from theme

  • Create css file in com/myapp/client/resource/myapp.css:
    • body, table td, select {
        font-family: Helvetica, Arial Unicode MS, Arial, sans-serif;
        font-size: small;
      .my-css-class {
  • Create client bundle file:
    • package com.myapp.client;
      public interface Resources extends ClientBundle {
        public static final Resources INSTANCE = GWT.create(Resources.class);
        public interface Style extends CssResource {
        @ClientBundle.Source("resource/myapp.css") // relative path to the css file.
        @CssResource.NotStrict // No compile error if no css class in the css file.
        Style css();
  • In the entry point class:
    • package com.myapp.client;
      public class MyApp implements EntryPoint {
        public void onModuleLoadSafe() {
          // Inject the css
          // ... ... ...

Mediaflux example: tcl script to repair metadata with empty string as attribute

foreach id [xvalues id [asset.query :where xpath(daris:pssd-derivation/input/@vid)='' :size infinity]] {

    set args ":id ${id} :meta -action remove < :daris:pssd-derivation > :meta < :daris:pssd-derivation"

    set doc [xelement asset/meta/daris:pssd-derivation [asset.get :id ${id}]]

    set doc_id [xvalue daris:pssd-derivation/@id ${doc}]

    set args "$args -id ${doc_id} < "

    set processed [xvalue daris:pssd-derivation/processed ${doc}]

    set args "$args :processed ${processed}"

    foreach input [xvalues daris:pssd-derivation/input ${doc}] {

        set vid [xvalue asset/@vid [asset.get :cid ${input}]]

        set args "$args :input -vid ${vid} ${input}"


    set method [xvalue daris:pssd-derivation/method ${doc}]

    set step [xvalue daris:pssd-derivation/method/@step ${doc}]

    set args "$args :method -step ${step} ${method}"

    set args "$args > >"

    puts "asset.set $args"
    asset.set $args


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